Customer Service

Quality Assurance
Quality policy: scientific management, elaborate production, sincere service, customer satisfaction.

Quality Goals

1. The qualified rate of the product is ≥99.5%.
2. Delivery according to the contract, on-time delivery rate ≥ 99%.
3. The completion rate of customer quality complaints is 100%.
4. Customer satisfaction ≥ 90%.
5. 2 items of development and design of new products (including improved varieties, new structures, etc.) have been completed.

Customer Service1

Quality Control
1. Design Control
Before the design, try to sample the test as much as possible, and the technician will carry out a scientific and reasonable design according to the specific requirements of the user and the actual situation of the test.
2. Procurement Control
Establish a list of sub-suppliers, conduct strict inspection and comparison of sub-suppliers, follow the principle of high quality and better price, and establish sub-supplier files. For the same variety of outsourced outsourcing parts, there should be no less than one sub-supplier that can normally supply.
3. Production Control
Production must be based on technical documents, and the processed qualified products of each process must be marked. The identification of key components should be clear to ensure product traceability.
4. Inspection Control
(1) Full-time inspectors will inspect raw materials and outsourced and outsourced parts. Larger batches can be sampled, but the sampling rate should not be lower than 30%. Crucially, precise outsourced parts and outsourced parts must be inspected. check.
(2) The processing of self-made parts must be carried out self-inspection, mutual inspection and re-inspection, and all qualified products can be determined as qualified products.
(3) If the finished product can be installed and started in the factory, the test machine inspection shall be started in the factory, and those that pass the inspection can be shipped from the factory. The machine is successful, and the inspection certificate is issued.

1. Installation and debugging
When the equipment arrives at the buyer's factory, our company will send full-time technical personnel to the buyer to guide the installation and be responsible for debugging to normal use.
2. Operation training
Before the purchaser uses the equipment normally, our company's commissioning personnel will organize the relevant personnel of the purchaser to conduct training. The training content includes: equipment maintenance, maintenance, timely repair of common faults, and equipment operation and use procedures.
3. Quality assurance
The company's equipment warranty period is one year. During the warranty period, if the equipment is damaged by non-human factors, it will be responsible for free maintenance. If the equipment is damaged by human factors, our company will repair it in time and only charge the corresponding cost.
4. Maintenance and period
If the equipment is damaged after the expiration of the warranty period, after receiving the notice from the buyer, the enterprises in the province will arrive at the site for maintenance within 24 hours, and the enterprises outside the province will arrive at the site within 48 hours. fee.
5. Spare parts supply
The company has provided high-quality spare parts with favorable prices to the demander for many years, and also provides related supporting services.