ZKG Series Vacuum Rake Dryer

Short Description:

This dryer is a new type of horizontal intermittent vacuum drying equipment. The wet material is vaporized by conduction. The stirrer with scraper removes the material on the hot surface continuously and forms a circulating flow in the container. The moisture is evaporated and extracted by a vacuum pump.
Specifiction: ZKG300 — ZKG10000

Volume(L): 500L—10000L

Working Volume(L): 300L-6000L

Heating Area(m²): 3.2m² — 24.3m²

Power(KW): 3kw — 30kw

Size in the cylinder(mm): Φ600mm*1500mm——Φ1800mm*4500mm

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ZKG Series Vacuum Harrow Dryer (Vacuum Harrow Impeller Dryer)

It is an innovation horizontal batch-type vacuum dryer. The moister of wet material will be evaporated by heat transmission. The stirrer with squeegee will remove material on hot surface and move in the container to form cycle flow. The evaporated moisture will be pumped by vacuum pump. Vacuum harrow dryer is mainly used for drying explosive, easy to be oxidized and paste materials. In the vacuum condition, the boiling point of solvent is decreased, and air is isolated, it avoids the material be oxidized and goes bad. Input heating medium (hot water, hot oil) into the jacket, and feed damp material into the drying chamber. Harrow teeth shaft stirs material to make the heating be uniformly. When achieve the drying requirements, open the discharging valve at the bottom of chamber, under the stirring action of harrow teeth, material moves to the middle and discharged.

ZKG Series Vacuum Harrow Dryer05
ZKG Series Vacuum Harrow Dryer06



·Being adapted the big area heating way,its heat conducting area is large and its

· heat efficiency is high.

· Being installed stirring in the machine, it makes raw material in cylinder form the state of continuous circle inside the cylinder,so the uniformity to be heated of raw material is raised geatly.

· Being installed stirring in the machine,pulpiness,paste-like mixture or powder raw materials can be dried easy.

· Using the newest Two-stage type reducer to reduce power consumption while increasing the torque

· Special design of discharge valve, ensure when you mixing there is no dead angles in-tank

ZKG Series Vacuum Harrow Dryer07
ZKG Series Vacuum Harrow Dryer06

Technical Parameter

Project Model
Name unit ZPG-500 ZPG-750 ZPG-1000 ZPG-1500 ZPG-2000 ZPG-3000 ZPG-5000 ZPG-8000 ZPG-10000
Working volume L 300 450 600 900 1200 1800 3000 4800 6000
Size in the cylinder mm Φ600*1500 Φ800*1500 Φ800*2000 Φ1000*2000 Φ1000*2600 Φ1200*2600 Φ1400*3400 Φ1600*4500 Φ1800*4500
Stirring speed rpm 5--25 5--12 5
Power kw 3 4 5.5 5.5 7.5 11 15 22 30
Sandwich Design Pressure (Hot Water) Mpa ≤0.3
Inner vacuum degree Mpa -0.09~0.096

Schematic Of The Structure


Scope of Application

·Applicable to the drying of paste, extract and powder materials in the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries:.

·Heat-sensitive materials requiring low-temperature drying, and those materials that are easy to oxidize, explosive, strongly stimulated or highly toxic.

·Materials that require recovery of organic solvents.

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