30B Series High Effect Grinding Machine (High Effect Pulverizing Machine)(High Effect Pulverizer)

Short Description:

Type: WF20B – WF60B

Productive capacity(kg/h): (60-150)kg/h – (500-1500)kg/h

Revolution of main shaft(r/min): 4500 – 2800

Size of fed material(mm): 6mm – (10-40)mm

Grinding size(mesh): (2-120)mesh – (60-220)mesh

Power of motor(kw): 4kw – 15kw

Fan power: 0.75kw – 2.2kw

Weight(kg): 250kg – 680kg

L×W×Hoverall dimension(mm): (550×600×1250)mm – (1000×900×1680)mm

Product Detail

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30B Series High Effect Grinding Machine (High Effect Pulverizing Machine)(High Effect Pulverizer)

1. This machine use the relatively high speed of and use activities chain-ring between fixed tooth plate, so that was crushed by the chain-ring impact, friction and material collide with each other and get crushed.
2. Crushed material by the centrifugal force, automatically enter the trap bag, dust from the vacuum tank was recovered by filtration bag.
3. The machine adopts high-quality AISI304 or AISI316L stainless steel, the production process no dust, and can improve the utilization of materials, reduce business costs. Replacement of different particle size is determined by the number of screens.
4. Inside the enclosure (crushing groove) all alveolar by precision machined so as to achieve a smooth surface, easy to clean and change the ordinary mill rough wall, easy to accumulate dust, the phenomenon is difficult to clean, the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other production line with GMP requirements.
5. The machine structure is simple, robust, smooth operation, the crushed material quickly and evenly, with good results.

30B Series High Effect Grinding Machine01
30B Series High Effect Grinding Machine04


Technical Parameter

Spec unit 20B/20Bset 30B/30Bset 40B/40Bset 60B/60Bset
Productive capacity (kg/h) 60-150 100-300 160-800 500-1500
Speed of main shaft r/min 4500 3800 3400 2800
Eeding granule size mm 6 10 12 15
Ineness of pulverization mes 60-150 60-120 60-120 60-120
Grinding motor power kw 4 5.5 11 15
Fan power kw 1.5 1.5 1.5 2.2
Weight kg 250 320 550 680
L×WxHoverall dimension mm 550×600×1250 600×700×1450 800×900×1550 1000×900×1680
L×WxHoverall dimension set mm 1100×600×1650 1200×650×1650 1350×700×1700 1550×1000×1750


The machine(set) is extensively used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and pesticide industries for grinding dry brittle materials. 

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