WF Series Roughness Grinder

Short Description:

Type: WF250 – WF500

Output (kg/h): (10 – 700) kg/h

Feeding Size (mm): <100mm

Output Size (mm): 0.5mm – 20mm

Overall dimention(mm): (860*650*1020)mm – (1120*1060*1050)mm

Weight(kg): 500kg – 1000kg

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WF Series Roughness Grinder

Working principle is as follows, the materials enter into crushing chamber through feed hopper, cut and crushed by the spinning blade mounted on the motor shaft and the cutter fixed installed on the triangle base in crushing chamber, and flow through the sieve to the outlet port automatically under centrifugal force, then the crushing process is finished.

WF Series Roughness Grinder05
WF Series Roughness Grinder06



The machine has durable and compact structure. It is convenient to operate or maintain, and stable in running and high in output. The machine is of vertical tilting type, made up of base, motor, crushing chamber cover and feed hopper. The feed hopper and cover can be tilted for a certain degree. It is convenient for clearing the material stock from crushing chamber. 


Technical Parameter

Type   Inlet material diameter (mm) Output diameter (mm) Output (kg/h) Power (kw) Speed of shaft (rpm)   Overall dimension (mm)
WF-250 ≤100 0.5~20 50~300 4 940 860×650×1020
WF-500 ≤100 0.5~20 80~800 11 1000 1120×1060×1050


The machine is applied for industries such as pharmaceutics, chemicals, metallurgy and foodstuff. It is used as specialized equipment for roughly crushing material in previous process, and can crush hard and tough material like plastics and steel wire. Especially it is not limited by glutinousness, hardness, softness or fiber shape of material and has good crushing effect to all materials.. 

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